1、Free seminar

  • Members can send two people to participate in the technical briefings, workshops and other activities held by the alliance for free.

2、Expert consulting services

  • The alliance assists in recommending academic members to the company for professional consultation and negotiation, and members can enjoy the preferential price of consultation.
  • List of expertise of academic members
  • Technical consultation application form

3、Assist in finding partners

  • The alliance improves the effectiveness of industry-university dialogue through lecture invitations, consultation and matchmaking, etc., to assist alliance members to find academic members for joint research and development of technology, and arrange for mutual visits between teachers and member companies to promote relevant cooperation.

4、Company promotion

  • 1) Internet promotion
  • 2) Speech invitation
  • 3) Quarterly invitation
  • 4) Quarterly publication of advertisements and other methods to promote corporate innovation image.

5、Academic equipment borrowing discount

  • Members of the academic circle open to borrow equipment, and members enjoy preferential borrowing prices.
  • Instrument Manual
  • Instrument and equipment borrowing application form

6、Industry-academia talent matching

  • The alliance can help recommend academic talents to the industry according to the needs of industry members。

7、Subscribe to the newsletter for free

  • The alliance distributes quarterly newsletters to members every quarter, so that members can see the alliance overview and microfluid related information.

8、Talent training courses

  • The Alliance regularly organizes workshops, instrument education and training courses to assist in training talents in the industry and academia.