Our Technologies

After years of subsidies and support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Taiwan University, the Alliance has established a clean room with fairly complete equipment. Provide micro-nano process and testing services, Its core basic technologies include: computer-aided design, component simulation analysis for component design and development; yellow light lithography process; various metal, oxide or compound thin film deposition processes; dry etching process, wet etching process; final packaging and manufacturing process Monitoring and measurement.

The alliance has a complete basic micro-nanometer electromechanical process and some semiconductor process equipment. With the advancement and innovation of process technology, we provide complete technical services, including: micro-nano line width pattern making technology, micro-nanometer electromechanical process technology, 4 inch and small-size chip equipment manufacturing technology (metal and SOI micro-processing process), And give alliance members a high degree of freedom to entrust the alliance to conduct process research or testing, as long as it conforms to the use of the research process technology within the specification can be executed, so that the technology development process requires many possibilities and is applied to electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, production In cross-disciplinary industries such as medical, electromechanical, chemical or materials. At the same time, it cooperates with the alliance members in the development of new processes and new products, and provides various services and cooperation such as R&D experimental testing, technical consulting services, R&D sample measurement, and product specification certification.

(1) Micro-nano line width pattern making technology (lithography technology)

DWL2000 is a production equipment for making physical masks. Its minimum drawing size is 600 nm, the reachable small direct writing range is 10 nm and there are 5 drawing modes, among which 3D drawing mode can also be executed. Applied to the production of 3D microstructures. In addition to photomask manufacturing, there are also Mask Aligner equipment that can produce 3 inches to 8 inches or various fragment specifications, and the line width resolution can reach 800 nm.

(2) Micro-Nano electromechanical process and semiconductor technology

In order to fabricate any microelectromechanical or semiconductor components (for example: sensors, actuators and RF switches), the important key technology is the film growth and etching process. The alliance has a perfect thin film growth mechanism, which can grow various thin films using CVD and PVD equipment, including oxide layers (SiO2, Si3N4, PSG), metal layers (Pt, Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Cr, Ti etc..) , Polycrystalline materials (ZnO, PZT, ITO), etc. In addition, in order to make components, whether it is body microfabrication or surface microfabrication, it is necessary to use etching technology. The alliance has an etching process for different materials (including: Si, GaAs, InP, III-V, Oxide, Metal) Whether it is wet chemical etching or dry reactive ion etching technology has mature process experience, can be used to make a variety of application structures.

(3) Component production and application

In the past five years, the Alliance’s process technology has successfully produced many application components, including actuators, sensors, radio frequency switches, optical components, and biomedical microfluidics, regardless of whether it is self-researched or assisted in providing other research units. We hopes to continue to develop new processes, and hopes to make contributions to the current industry.